Clashes At Suhum Zongo Over Hausa Chief Coronation

The timely intervention of the Suhum Police and a reinforcement from the Kyebi Division in the Eastern Region on Saturday prevented a bloodshed between the Zongo youth of Gariba and those of Ayekotse Zongo.

This follows the installation and coronation of one Issah Ali as the Deputy Hausa Chief for the Suhum Municipality which the main Hausa Chief, Mallam Abubakar Gariba wasn’t in support of, due to some misunderstanding of his nomination among other issues.
The was then sent to the Apedwahene for settlement.

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However, after the Akyem-Apedwahene, Nana Frimpong Manso II resolved the issue, he gave the green light to the Ayekotse Zongo to go ahead with the installation and, thereafter go to the Ayekotse chief to swear to the stool.

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But the Suhum Municipal Hausa chief, also the Chief of Gariba Zongo who was not happy and didn’t support the coronation on Saturday morning allegedly organised thugs to the forecourt of the Suhum-Ayekotse Central Mosque where the coronation was ongoing to disrupt the ceremony which nearly caused bloodshed between the two Zongo Communities.

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The thugs from Gariba Zongo in a Rambo style stormed the venue to scatter the canopies, chairs, and food meant for the event and heavily assaulted some of the organizers.

The incident turned into a free-for-all-fight, as some had to run for their lives including women and children.

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The Police from Suhum and Kyebi when had the information quickly rushed to the crime scene before the situation was brought under control.

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Thereafter, the Kyebi Divisional Police Commander, who led the team to the scene after engaging the organizers, went to meet with the Ayekotse Chief, Nene Tenor II to address the situation.

-BY Daniel Bampoe