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Chantel Everett is living her Botox dreams after she bags new job

Chantel Everett is a Botox injector as she lives out her dreams as a nurse. The Family Chantel star has often been subjected to plastic surgery rumors herself. Now, she shares her true thoughts on Botox.

She launched to fame on 90 Day Fiance before getting her own show. TLC viewers have seen Chantel Everett study for nursing, and she’s only gone and got her dream injector role at a beauty bar. However, fans are slamming Chantel for her ‘lip fillers’ which they noticed on The Family Chantel.

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Chantel Everett now injects Botox

Chantel Everett is now a nurse injector qualified to work with Botox. She is now an injector for SSA Beauty Bar at their Sandy Springs, Georgia, office, and has faced many plastic surgery rumors before.

She has addressed those rumors about her appearance, though. Chantel revealed she got Botox on her forehead and between her eyebrows on The Family Chantel, and says she has not had any surgery on her body.

Before getting the cosmetic procedures, Chantel didn’t look that different. Her skin has always looked firm and shiny, yet says that she is “living her dreams” as she “sculpts beauty and confidence with Botox”.

She became a nurse in 2020

Some fans are confused about Chantel becoming a nurse injector, as she previously worked in a hospital. At first, she worked as a pediatric nurse and wished to get into the neurology department.

However, Chantel recently confessed she’s “realized” her “dream job” is in the beauty industry. She also appeared in a reel with the caption: “When your jobs can’t be replaced by AI,” suggesting stability.

Chantel is a qualified medspa nurse. Several followers ask if she’s a real nurse as a result of her new role, but she is qualified as an RN, after her stint as a home health pediatric nurse.

Chantel faces plastic surgery rumors

Despite her previous confessions, Chantel is still facing surgery rumors. One fan claimed on her Instagram: “You’re doing too much to ur face.” A fellow fan agreed and penned: “Stop getting so much work done on your face. Starting to look weird.”

Another said: “When she was talking about Pedro she sounded strange when talking because of all the fillers in her lips, her face is swollen because of the Botox, she’s doing too much.”

However, many of The Family Chantel fans have her back. “Girl you do you! Ignore the negativity! You’re a successful and beautiful woman????????❤️????” penned a follower.


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