Cardi B Breaks Silence on Music Break Rumors: Fans React to Rapper’s Candid Comments!

An Instagram live session by Cardi B has led her fans to believe that the rapper might be taking a hiatus from the music industry. Now, she is addressing these doubts herself. Cardi B, being one of the world’s top female rappers, raises high expectations from her fans. However, a recent Instagram live session has left her fans concerned.

Read on to discover more about Cardi B addressing rumors about her potential break from the music industry.

Cardi B’s Instagram Live goes viral

Cardi B is renowned as one of the world’s finest and most successful female rappers, boasting an impressive discography. The rapper boasts an immense fan following, always anticipating new tracks and albums from Cardi B. However, she seems uninterested in focusing on these aspects.

Dur ing a recent Instagram Live session, she mentioned, “Y’all might not see me for a long time cause I’m just not in the mood to be famous”. She added, “If y’all wanna see me y’all go to Arizona to the TikTok concert, but other than that I’ve been liking my low key life”. This has left her fans concerned.

Cardi B Fans Speculate Rapper’s Music Industry Hiatus Amidst Instagram Live Controversy

After Cardi B’s recent Instagram live, where she talked about not appearing for a long time, her fans are speculating that she might be taking a hiatus from the music industry. Fans expressed their concerns on social media, fearing they won’t get new albums or songs from her.

All these comments from her fans prompted the rapper to address the rumors of her taking a hiatus from the music industry. Recently, Cardi B posted on Instagram, clarifying what she had discussed in her live session, giving her fans some hope.

Cardi B Addresses the Rumors of Her Taking a Hiatus From Music Industry

Rapper Cardi B on November 16th posted on X addressing her hiatus rumor. As she said, “I never said I was taking hiatus”. She then added, “I’m just continuing with my social media break like I have been for the last few weeks”.Her post clarified saying “Not sure why that’s causing such a ruckus”.

Not to miss, back in October as well, fans began thinking that the rapper must be thinking to take a break. As she had posted on X saying “I don’t want to do music”. But it looks like, Cardi B isn’t really thinking about taking a break.

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