Buhari Reveals Three Achievements of His Govt in Eight Years



Former President Muhammadu Buhari has identified three primary achievements of his eight years of administration in Nigeria.


He spoke during his recent interview with the Nigerian Television authority.


He said his administration did well in addressing insecurity in the North East region.


He added that he tried his best to tackle Nigeria’s economic challenges and fight corruption.


“I would like Nigerians to reflect on what the country was when we came in, especially in the northeast. We are lucky to be in Charge of the Northeast; most of the region was in the hands of Boko haram before my government.

“Economic, security and fighting corruption were the objectives I set for myself for the government I led. I hope Nigerians have the following to see the difference”, he stated.


DAILY POST recalls that Buhari served as Nigeria’s president from November 11, 2015, to May 29 2023, when President Bola Tinubu was inaugurated.