BREAKING: Zamfara state governor finally reacts to Appeal Court’s verdict

In response to the Appeal Court’s declaration of the Zamfara governorship election as inconclusive, Governor Dauda Lawal has expressed confidence in the people’s support for progress and development in the state.

Governor Lawal called the court’s ruling a “temporary setback,” asserting his unwavering determination to uphold the people’s mandate.

Governor Lawal assured the people of Zamfara of his commitment to pursuing all necessary actions through legal means to ensure a just outcome.

He also called for calm among the populace while affirming that his legal team rigorously reviews the verdict.

His words: “The ruling by the Appeal Court is a temporary setback. However, I remain optimistic that the collective decision of the people will ultimately prevail.

“We will emerge victorious. Our unwavering determination and steadfast commitment leave no room for doubt or fear.

“We faced numerous challenges on the road to victory in the last election. But let me assure our people that we are fully committed to going to great lengths to retain this widely acclaimed mandate.

“I want to call on the people of Zamfara to remain calm. Our legal team is thoroughly reviewing the verdict. We will follow through with the necessary actions to achieve a just outcome.”