Boosie Badazz Claps Back: Responds to Brother’s Accusations of Lying About $10M Contract

The $10 million contract involving Yung Bleu, Boosie Badazz, and TQ has sparked drama, leading Boosie to retaliate against TQ. The accusations between Boosie and TQ have gained significant attention on social media. Following TQ’s response, Boosie has now countered him.

Read on to learn more about Boosie Badazz’s retaliation against TQ following the latter’s response to accusations of “forgery.”

Boosie Badazz Accuses TQ of Forging His Signature on a Million-Dollar Deal

In recent years, social media has witnessed the deteriorating relationship between Boosie Badazz and TQ, primarily due to a million-dollar deal that also involves Yung Bleu.

Boosie during a live Instagram session accused TQ saying “I lost my relationship with my mom and everything. I don’t give a damn. You think I’m dropping this lawsuit? I swear to god i ain’t. You know how i said”.

He added accusing TQ “Forged my signature on a $10 million contract, on a contract the CEO gets half of whatever signed. You forged my contract. It don’t get no dirtier than that. Then he did it two or three times. He did it like two times. Man, forgery ain’t no game, man”.

TQ reacts to the accusations of Bossie Badazz

After accusations of forgery on TQ, the latter came forward to react on the same. As he said on social media “I’m trying to keep it positive but what I’m witnessing with my brother is the dirtiest s*** I’ve ever seen”.

He further went on to add “Lying on social media, throwing me under the bus for paperwork we agreed on, then years later, claiming forgery for money (a lick)?”.

This didn’t let the tiff end here between the two. As post TQ’s response to the forgery accusation by Boosie, the latter has hit back at TQ again.

Boosie Badazz hits back at TQ

Boosie Badazz has come across the response of TQ on accusations around the $10 million deal. As a post that, Bossie has come forward to hit back at TQ on social media with some more claims. Boosie responded saying “I HAVE BLEU ADMI TING ON TEXT THAT I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT THIS DEAL”.

He added, “U COULDN’T GET N TOUCH WITH ME REMEMBER”. Boosie had even shared screenshots of text between Yung Bleu and TQ. As Boosie tried to tell that TQ had forged Bleu and the former’s signature without them knowing about it”. With all these accusations, it looks like the beef isn’t to end anytime soon.

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