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Below Deck star 'wishes he quit' as he hints at his unsteady yachting future

Kyle Viljoen has Below Deck Med fans asking if he gets fired. It comes as his future on Bravo poses an unsteady battle as Captain Sandy Yawn debates whether to keep him on board. The looming decision comes after Natalya Scudder’s exit, which was the result of her drama with Kyle.

Captain Sandy Yawn called Kyle out for “bullying” his co-star, Natalya on Below Deck Mediterannean. His recent decision to deactivate his Instagram and then reactivate it fueled speculation about his future on the Bravo show. However, he claims he simply needed a social media break.

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Did Kyle get fired from Below Deck Med?

No. Kyle hinted he was not fired from Below Deck Med when he said on November 21: “You are going to see me going through more difficult situations in the season,” and isn’t fired at the time of writing.

The Bravo star also wrote on his Instagram Story: “I wish I had quit when I wanted to, when I packed my bag and asked to leave. I opted for my mental health but I had to stay and work through it on TV.”

While he previously left the show, Captain Sandy Yawn said Kyle wasn’t fired. She received flack over reinviting the second steward for Below Deck Med, as he caused a lot of drama.

Kyle Viljoen speaks out on Instagram

Kyle has spoken about rumors he is getting fired from Below Deck. He says that working through his mental health on TV “was not worth it” and “the reason yachting is PTSD to this day”.

He added: “Money is not everything. My mental deterioration was the cost of my opting for finance.” Kyle also revealed he is starting a career in New York building a financially stable life.

Kyle continued to say: “I started a career in New York after immigration legal bills piled up and left me with nothing, especially as I continuously dream to be on your television screens more and more.”

He fueled rumors he was fired

Kyle fueled rumors that he was fired from Below Dec Med when he left Instagram for 48 hours. He said he “needed a social media break” upon his return, adding that “main character energy is exhausting”.

Natalya defended Max Salvador‘s comments about identifying as part of the LGBTQIA+ community despite being straight. Kyle lashed out in response, and Natalya later packed her bags and left.

“I would never bring you back. You can’t control your emotions. This is a professional setting. You are bullying and you are screaming. I don’t want a person like you on board,” she fired back before it ended.


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