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Atteridgeville police search schools and malls ahead of festive season

Atteridgeville SAPS and their partners recently conducted searches of two malls and two schools as part of crime prevention efforts leading up to the festive season.

The police were assisted by the Siyabangena Brigades and targeted the Zodwa Special School for the mentally handicapped on Maunde Street and Tshwane Provocation School, as well as the Mnandi and Atlyn malls.

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Learners being searched. Photo: supplied.

Said communications officer Constable Malete during the Provocation School search: “The school appreciated the work done by the police. It was explained to us that it was previously neglected because of the stigma of being a special school for slow learners and that they are thought of as not the same as other people or other learners.

“We were also informed that ever since we started visiting the school, the children are no longer misbehaving as much. The rate of drug use has been reduced and it is promising that some won’t easily be influenced by others due to the police’s random visibility at the school.”

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Police and Siyabangena Brigades patrolling a school. Photo: supplied.

Zodwa Special School informed the police that during a sports day, the learners were taken to the sports grounds and when they returned, they were misbehaving and appeared to be under the influence of substances. A member of staff was suspected of being behind it.

Malete said: “While searching, we noticed a black bag having a dagga crusher and the remnants of dagga inside it. The bag allegedly belonged to the teacher’s assistant, and the deputy principal said they would handle the matter internally as the owner claimed that he was unaware of the bag’s contents.

“The deputy principal requested frequent searches because the senior phase learners are giving them challenges, especially in the morning,”

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Police and Siyabangena Brigades patrolling malls. Photo: supplied.

Police patrolled the Mnandi and Attlyn malls, conducting stop-and-searches. A pack of illegal cigarettes was confiscated from a man at Attlyn Mall.

Pamphlets regarding festive season safety were issued.

“We want the community to know not to ask for help from strangers. Don’t be fooled by any unfamiliar sellers that promise you discount goods if you give them a certain amount of money. Anything that you find suspicious must be reported to the police,” said Malete.

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