Atlee confirms working on a script for Thalapathy Vijay and Shah Rukh Khan

Director Atlee achieved major success in 2023 with the Shah Rukh Khan-led film ‘Jawan,’ crossing the Rs 1,000 crore mark globally. In a recent interview, Atlee shared his ongoing project—a script that will bring together Shah Rukh Khan and Thalapathy Vijay, potentially becoming his next film.

During a conversation on a YouTube channel, Atlee disclosed details about the collaboration, emphasizing an encounter in Chennai during the shoot of the ‘Zinda Banda’ song. Atlee, SRK, and Vijay engaged in discussions, leading to an exciting prospect. Atlee quoted Shah Rukh Khan expressing readiness for a dual-hero film, with both stars eager to be part of it.

Atlee elaborated on the genesis of the idea, mentioning how he invited Vijay to a gathering where plans for the joint project unfolded. Both SRK and Vijay conveyed their enthusiasm for a dual-hero film, and Atlee is diligently working on shaping this concept into his potential next film.
Atlee shared that alongside this endeavour, he has been approached by a Hollywood studio for another film, currently occupying his creative focus and energy.