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Almost a thousand arrested during police operations in Tshwane

Operation Shanela swept up 998 suspects and four illegal firearms during a week-long operation in Tshwane.

The high-density operation began on Sunday, November 5, in Mamelodi West.

“The police apprehended nine undocumented immigrants, inspected 10 liquor outlets and closed down two, as well as searched 17 premises,” said police spokesperson Warrant Officer Johan Van Dyk.

He said six spaza shops were inspected while 189 people and 55 vehicles were searched.

Van Dyk said on Monday, 32 undocumented immigrants were arrested in Akasia.

He said four suspects were arrested for public drinking.

“Eighteen liquor premises were inspected, resulting in the closure of one and confiscation of thousands of liquor. Moreover, 67 people and 10 vehicles were searched.”

On November 8, liquor outlets and second-hand goods dealers were inspected in Ga-Rankuwa to enforce the liquor and secondhand goods regulations.

Van Dyk said two second-hand goods dealers were inspected and fined a combined R5 000 for non-compliance.

Four liquor outlets were raided and all closed while thousands of litres of liquor were confiscated.

In the early hours of Thursday, police confiscated various drugs in Ga-Rankuwa.

“Collaborative efforts involving multiple stakeholders resulted in the apprehension of 43 undocumented immigrants. Furthermore, six people were found in possession of 26 plastic bags of drugs.”

He said one person was apprehended in connection to a business robbery and another for possession of several IDs, bank cards and vehicle registration documents.

Van Dyk said a roadblock during the operation resulted in the issuance of 180 Aarto infringement notices, totalling R149 000.

During the operation, 15 suspected premises, 818 vehicles and 1 132 people were searched.

He said two vehicles reported stolen each in Honeydew in 2022 and Loate this month were recovered in Ga-Rankuwa.

Eight liquor outlets were inspected and six closed for contravening the Liquor Act, leading to the confiscation of thousands of liquor and a gambling machine.

“One second-hand goods dealer was inspected and found in contravention of the Second-hand Goods Act and subsequently fined.”

Concurrently, detectives from various police stations in the city apprehended 287 suspects wanted for various crimes, including 86 for gender-based violence.

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Police conduct a stop and search during Operation Shanela. Photo: Saps

Brooklyn police conducted a crime prevention operation.

“Six undocumented immigrants were apprehended, while 10 people were arrested for drinking in public.

Van Dyk said one person was arrested for possession of 215g of dagga.

The operation searched 239 people and 88 vehicles.

On Saturday afternoon (November 11) 320 people were arrested for various crimes, including nine for driving under the influence of alcohol and 41 undocumented immigrants in Akasia.

Van Dyk said 10 liquor outlets were inspected for compliance, resulting in three being closed down and confiscation of liquor.

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Police conduct a stop and search during Operation Shanela. Photo: Saps

In total, 1 177 people and 888 vehicles were searched and police recovered four unlicensed firearms.

Later, Pretoria Moot police on patrol spotted a white Toyota bakkie with no number plates. When they flagged it down, it sped off and a chase ensued.

“Police managed to stop the vehicle and upon searching, a firearm with live ammunition was found. The three occupants were arrested for possession of an unlicensed firearm.”

He said Erasmia police officers investigating a business break-in searched a house in a local informal settlement.

“Two TVs were recovered,” Van Dyk said.

He added that an unlicensed firearm with live ammunition was also discovered and the homeowner was charged with the possession of an unlicensed firearm.

Van Dyk said Pretoria West police investigating a suspected stolen vehicle complaint were fired upon outside a home.

Police determined the vehicles had not been stolen but inside the house, they recovered two firearms – an AK47 with two magazines full of bullets and a 9mm pistol with 26 bullets.

He said all the recovered unlicensed firearms would be sent for ballistic tests to determine if they were used in the commission of another crime.

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