Akuapem Poloo Physically Assaults Man On Set

Socialite, Akuapem Poloo on Friday physically assaulted one Adu Flatelo who is said to be a musician during an altercation on a talk show set.

The incident occurred at blogger Nkonkonsa’s studio.

Both individuals were invited to join a panel discussion on the set but each of them claimed they were not aware of the other coming if they knew they wouldn’t have shown up.

Confusion however erupted when Adu Flatelo voiced his discontent over not being informed in advance about Akuapem Polo’s inclusion as one of the guests.

Tempers therefore flared as the argument intensified, reaching a tipping point when Akuapem Polo, in an attempt to clarify her lack of recognition for the musician, slapped him.

The reason for the slap, she said was because of Adu Flatelo’s use of derogatory language, specifically referring to her as “stupid.”

The two controversial individuals have a history of not getting along.

This was after Flatelo had come public to say he had sex with Akuapem Poloo in Dubai.

After tempers were calmed after the altercation Flatelo apologised to Akuapem, indicating that he made up the story about having sex with her.

According to him, he rode on her fame to become popular just as Akuapem Poloo did when she also made false claims about some legendary actors to become popular.

He was only following her footsteps.