Ab*rtion: Mind Your Business Mummy, Leave Me Alone – Phyna Fires Back At Princess


Ex-BBNaija housemate, Phyna has fired back at her colleague, Princess.

This is coming after Princess told Phyna to ‘’carry her cross in peace” after she said every woman has terminated a pregnancy once in their lifetime.

Phyna had in an interview recorded months ago claimed that every woman has had an ab*rtion in her life. Following the backlash she received for her comment, Phyna on her Snapchat on Wednesday, November 1, said only virgins are excepted from this. She said every woman who has taken a contraceptive automatically has had an abortion.

Princess appeared to have disagreed with Phyna and asked her to ‘’Carry her cross in peace’.

 Phyna has now replied to Princess, asking her to leave her alone and mind her business.