Abena Korkor Chases NDC Akamba, Cyber Crime Boss Over Sex Leaks

Socialite, and Mental Health Activist, Nana Abena Korkor Addo has accused former National Organiser of the opposition National Democratic Congress, NDC, Joshua Akamba, and the Deputy Director of the Cyber Crime Unit of the Police Service to report themselves to the Police for leaking the sex videos she sent to them.

Abena Korkor over the weekend stoked fire on social media, where her naked series of sex videos recorded fucking herself with a sex toy went viral.

It was unclear as to how the series of sex videos went out trending on social media, as it was all over the internet.

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In a video reacting to the leaked sex videos, she claimed she sent the videos to two men, accusing Joshua Akamba and the Deputy Director of the Cyber Crime Unit of the Police of being behind the leaks.

“Akamba report yourself to the police. I sent those videos to you privately now they are all over the internet because I blocked them for disrespecting me. Politics money doesn’t move me. I don’t kiss a$$” She wrote on Instagram.

“I’m not one of those girls you can push around. I came back. Deputy Director of the Cybercrime Unit of the CID of police I sent you nude videos to you myself,‘’ she added.

She further threatened that she was going to expose all the big men she forwarded the video to because she wouldn’t allow them to humiliate her and go scot-free.

While many Ghanaians have been wondering how it happened with opinions divided, Abena Korkor herself has come out to speak about the leaks.

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Akamba Reactions

Meanwhile, the former National Organizer of NDC, Joshua Hamidu Akamba has denied having sex with Abena Korkor and to the extent of receiving her nude tapes to leak them.

In a press statement, the Special Aide to Joshua Akamba revealed that the accusations against him are incorrect and should be disregarded by the public.

According to the statement, Joshua Akamba denied having any sexual relations with Abena Korkor and that he had no intentions of damaging her image.

“Joshua Hamidu Akamba is well known in politics as a respected gentleman in Ghana and across the world who fights for the grassroots and marginalized groups’’.

Mr Akamba has not in any way leaked any videos or pictures of Abena Korkor and has not had any sexual relationship with her. Mr Akamba respects the rule of law and is also a strong advocate of human rights in Ghana and does not intend to destroy anyone’s image”, part of the statement read.

‘’We are now waiting for the Deputy Cybercrime officer to also say something’’ the statement added.

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Who Is Abena Korkor

This is not the first time Korkor has stirred up controversy over an explicit video as the well-known co-host of TV3’s Ladies Circle, a program that encourages women to spark about the issues plaguing them in society, was fired from her job in 2021 after a video of her wearing only lingerie went viral on social media.

The termination came just weeks after Korkor was engaged in a contentious battle with her co-host and colleague Giovani Caleb.

Korkor lashed out at Caleb over the latter’s interview with Delay, who denied being intimate with Korkor in response to the socialite releasing a list of prominent Ghanaians she claimed to have slept with.

At the time, Korkor issued an apology for violating the privacy of some of the men, saying her misguided actions were the result of bipolar disorder.


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Abena Korkor first rose to online fame over a steamy bedroom video recorded when she was a student at the University of Cape Coast.

Korkor, who was born and raised in Ghana, studied Biological Science for two years at the University of Ghana before traveling to the United States for treatment for bipolar disorder.

After returning to Ghana, Korkor enrolled herself at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) to study Biomedical and Forensic Science.

During her studies, Korkor was hospitalized multiple times due to mental health issues stemming from bipolar disorder.

Korkor, who has uploaded explicit videos online on several occasions to propagate body positivity, believes that they could encourage other women to accept themselves despite their imperfections.

In the wake of the recent controversy, Abena Korkor appeared unperturbed in a clip on X, where she showed off her moves while dancing to the song Goodsin by Ghanaian Afrobeats singer/songwriter OliveTheBoy.


-BY Daniel Bampoe