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A Look Into Alex Aiono & Meg DeAngelis Relationship: Dating History

Alex Aiono

Meg DeAngelis is Alex Aiono’s girlfriend; the pair appears often in Alex’s YouTube videos. Aiono is a singer and actor from Phoenix, Arizona, best known for his YouTube videos, which have received millions of views and likes. At the age of 14, the singer relocated to Los Angeles, leaving his family behind to pursue his singing career.

Aiono began his acting career in 2021 when he appeared in the Netflix film Finding ‘Ohana. Since then, he has earned a large number of female followers who are eager to learn about his relationship history. Continue reading to discover more about Alex Aiono and his girlfriend, Meg DeAngelis. This essay will teach you all you need to know about them in depth.

Meg DeAngelis, Alex Aiono’s Girlfriend: Relationship Timeline

Alex Aiono has been dating Meg DeAngelis, a popular YouTuber with over 4 million followers on her channel. People have been curious about their connections since both have been well-known public personalities. The couple has not said when they began dating, but Aiono has included her in several of his YouTube broadcasts and often posts images of her on Instagram. Millions of his followers follow him on Instagram, where he often updates about his girlfriend.

Meg is a model and a media influencer; she has shared images of herself modeling on her Instagram. Her Instagram account has almost 1 million followers. The couple has not publicly discussed their relationship, but it seems that they have been dating for more than two years. Furthermore, in a YouTube video from 2014, he gave the tag of girlfriend in the video with Meg, implying that they had been together since 2014. The pair seems to be in love; seeing their films together gives the impression that they are.

Alex Aiono’s Family Information

Alex Aiono was born in Arizona in February 1996. He and three of his siblings were born into a middle-class household. Taylor, Sidney, and Hallie are Aiono’s three sisters. Hallie is also a singer and YouTuber, where she writes about her life and music. Hallie is well-known for her videos “SO MUCH HALLOWEEN CANDY!” and her version of Sia’s “Chandelier.” She rose to prominence when her brother became a well-known singer and actor.

They shared a bedroom with their parents; raising four children was difficult for his parents. They did, however, always support their employment choice and course. The musician went to Los Angeles when he was 14 and has been working on his music ever since, and now he has the potential to earn millions from his profession.

Alex Aiono

Alex Aiono Net Worth 2023

Audiences are often inquisitive about the financial worth and profits of YouTubers and singers, which he has not disclosed publicly. According to the Source, Alex Aiono’s net worth as of 2023 is $6 million. The musician is well-known for his extraordinary ability to play guitar, piano, drums, bass, and ukulele.

Aiono’s principal source of income is his YouTube channel, which now has 5.82 million members, as well as his music and acting careers, which he has had since 2021. Furthermore, he may have another source of income, such as a company or investments, which he has not disclosed publicly.