Yung Bleu Speaks Out: Declares Innocence Following Recent Arrest

Yung Bleu was apprehended and charged with misdemeanour violence after an altercation over the weekend involving an argument about custody of his 10-year-old child. As reported by TMZ Hip Hop, authorities responded to a report at a Georgia home and were met by a lady who informed them that Bleu had arrived unexpectedly and wanted to take their child with him. During their argument, the Alabama native reportedly scooped up the woman and tossed her to the ground. Bleu allegedly fled the scene with their child but subsequently returned. Before officials came, the “You’re Mines Still” artist fled once more. The altercation apparently resulted in injuries to the woman’s right arm as well as her hip.

She, on the other hand, refused to be carried to the hospital. After paying a $2,400 bond, Bleu was released “a few days” later. On Thursday evening, Bleu responded to the charges on Instagram, saying a “storm [is] coming” because he’s planning to expand his career and make “100 million in the following 5 years.” “I’m off online, but I’m going to use the opportunity to tell all my ladies who like bleu.” I adore women and am utterly naive. Just no [sic] this is about to be one of the most difficult times to be a follower of mine since I’m about to enter a new category as an OWNER and entrepreneur, and people despise you no! THEY. I despise that.” His caption was just “bye.”It has not been proven that the woman in question is his spouse Tiemeria.

Yung Bleu Talks Out Following Arrest for Apparently Assaulting His Child’s Mother

Yung Bleu denies body slamming his baby mother amid a custody battle over his 10-year-old son, Corbin. The musician was arrested on Thursday, according to sources, in Hall County, Georgia, for assaulting the mother of his first kid during a domestic quarrel. Yung Bleu’s real name is Jeremy Biddle, who is additionally known as Bleu Vandross, and he has tied the knot to Tiemeria Biddle, with whom he has three children, all of whom are under the age of four. Corbin, his oldest child, is shared with his ex-girlfriend Shunna Phillips. According to the celebrity journal, Bleu and his baby’s mother are at differences about custody of his son, and the situation escalated on October 15, prompting police to respond to a 911 call reporting that she had been attacked by Bleu. According to the Hall County Sheriff’s Office, when deputies appeared at the home, Phillips informed them that Bleu had arrived unexpectedly and planned to bring his son with him. Blue apparently roughly lifted her and smashed her into the ground after a furious dispute, causing wounds to her right hand and hip. Before leaving, Bleu snatched the infant and headed to her house with their son. It’s unclear whether the couple has a custody order in place. Phillips, on the other hand, declined medical care from EMS.

On Sunday morning, Bleu handed himself into the Sheriff’s Office, where he had been charged with misdemeanour violence and placed into jail. Nevertheless, he was released a few days later on a $2400 bail. As word of the assault emerged on Thursday night, the musician stated that he “cherished women & was absolutely innocent,” before listing his many artistic accomplishments. “Lol, the storm is approaching. I’m about to turn in one last CD before I completely own my whole music repertoire. I recently completed a $2 million dollar facility & launched my own recording marketing distribution, media, and film firm! Moon Boy University unites them all. So you’re aware of the impending storm. The defamation, the FAKE NEWS. As long as I reach my goal, I will keep going. I have bigger ambitions than music! Music was merely the starting point for my trip. I merely did that to deal with my feelings. 100 million within the next five years! Doing something bigger than myself. The plan is taking shape. “I did anything I said I would,” he started a lengthy Instagram statement. “I’m off doing this internet thing,” he concluded, “but I am going to take the opportunity to tell all my ladies who may be fans of bleu.” I adore women and am utterly naive. Just know that this is going to be one of the most difficult periods for you, since I’m about to step into a new category as an OWNER & entrepreneur, and people despise you! THEY. I despise that.”