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Winter House will be a downgrade for Casey Craig who's dad is a billionaire

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Fall is officially here which means Winter House is just around the corner for Bravo fans. All the familiar faces including Amanda Batula, Kyle Cooke, Kory Keefer, and Danielle Olivera are returning to the show. There’s also a newbie on Winter House in 2023 – Casey Craig.

Casey appears to show up late in the season 3 trailer and she could have managed to miss all the relationship drama by the time she arrives. Let’s find out more about the Bravo show newcomer including her age, job, Instagram, and much more.

Casey Craig joins Winter House

Winter House season 3’s trailer is jam-packed full of dramatic moments and it looks like newcomer Casey is set to be in the midst of some crazy house dynamics during her first time on the show.

She’s making he reality TV debut in 2023 and is 31 years old.

Casey was born on 13 December 1991, making her a Sagittarius on the zodiac.

Casey’s job

Ahead of making moves into the reality world, Casey worked as Global Head of Communications at Coin Desk.

She’s a cryptocurrency whiz who has years of experience in the field.

Casey is based in New York and worked as an intern at the New York Post per her LinkedIn page.

She has over 16k followers and shares snaps all over the globe on her Instagram account.

Bravo star Casey shows Caleb Simpson around her home in his TikTok video and reveals her New York apartment which is located close to her parents’ multi-million-dollar apartment.

Winter House star was a skier

As if Casey’s current career wasn’t impressive enough, she’s also dabbled in some other things in the past which are sure to have given her some huge life experiences.

The Winter House star is a former professional skier who competed back in 2009 in the USA. She also volunteered as a ski instructor working in Maine in 2010.

She was also an agency-signed model for some time. Casey modeled for Wilhelmina Models Denver from 2011 to 2015.


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