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Winter House star furious as she's told she hasn't got 'girlfriend' label

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Kory Keefer is back on Winter House in 2023 and he’s joined by lots of newcomers to the show including Samantha Feher, Brian Benni, Casey Craig, Malia White, and Alex Propson to name a few. The Winter House shenanigans kick off on October 24, and judging by the season 3 trailer there’s drama at every turn.

After Kory’s romance with Jessica Stocker went down the pan, he appears to be getting close with a Summer House star in Winter House season 3. Kory and Sam are reunited during the 2023 Bravo show, but after he cozies up with other cast members, his loyalty is thrown into question.

When did Kory Keefer and Sam Feher get together?

Winter House season 3 looks to be somewhere where not only drama is brewing but romances are unfolding, too.

Bravo star Danielle Olivera and Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Alex Propson get close as do Kory Keefer and Sam Feher.

In April 2023, Sam confirmed to Page Six that she and Kory were “officially dating.”

It’s likely that Winter House season 3 was filmed around February as that’s when the show’s previous season reportedly began filming.

Couple is rocked by rumors

The Bravo show’s trailer shows the cast members partying away in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

It looks like Sam joins Kory later in the season, and this could prove to be an issue for the duo given his antics with some of the other cast members.

The snippet of season 3 sees Kory and Below Deck Mediterranean star Malia White touch tongues.

Malia also says to Kory: “I ask one thing, don’t fall in love with me,” before he bursts into laughter.

She later says in the car: “I would definitely hook up with Kory.”

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard star Jordan Emanuel also says that she’d be interested in “making out” with Kory.

Kory is asked on the show: “Aren’t you in a relationship?”

He explains that he and Sam “aren’t exclusive,” and when asked if he plans on making their relationship official, he says: “So… I don’t know.”

Later in the trailer, Sam is seen arriving at Winter House and Malia explains to her that Kory hasn’t “labeled her his girlfriend.”

Are Winter House’s Kory and Sam still together?

Yes! Judging by Sam and Kory’s Instagram pages, the two are still together.

Kory turned 33 years old in 2023 and Sam clearly pulled out all the stops for her partner on his special day. She shared a vlog on her IG page showing that she threw him a surprise party and bought him an adorable cake and gift.

One fan commented on Samantha’s vlog post: “Assuming Malia is out of the picture for good and I’m all for it. You and Kory are soooo fn adorable!”

The Bravo star replied: “Thank you! She was never in the picture.”


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