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Who Is Genevieve Evason? Meet Dean Evason Wife: Relationship And Kids

Dean Evason

Dean Evason is the coach of the Minnesota Wild. He has recently gained notice after the team’s victory against the Panthers on October 13, 2023. Dean Evason was born on August 22, 1964. He is a well-known Canadian professional ice hockey coach and former player. This article delves into Dean’s personal life, including his relationship with Genevieve Evason, as well as his renowned teaching career.

Dean Evason is a Canadian professional ice hockey coach with a long experience in the game, both as a player and as a coach. This article takes a deeper look at the lives of the Minnesota Wild’s head coach, with a focus on his wife, Genevieve Evason, and his illustrious coaching career.

The Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup in 2005.

Dean Evason began his coaching career in 2005 when he joined the Washington Capitals. His promotion to this position signified a big transition from being a player to passing on his knowledge to aspiring players.

Milwaukee Admirals (2012-2018)

Dean has taken on a crucial role as the head coach of the Milwaukee Admirals in 2012. Here, his leadership and plans guided the squad for six seasons, earning him the title of the team’s second-winning coach, a tribute to his abilities and expertise.

Relationship with Genevieve Evason

On a more personal note, Dean married Genevieve Evason on August 26, 2017. Genevieve, not merely “Dean Evason’s wife” in the literal sense, holds her own as an Air Canada Airlines Company flight attendant brand ambassador. Their marriage tie is strong, and the couple complements one another in all aspects of life.


Dean and Genevieve have three children, underscoring the importance of family in the lives of this prominent coach.

Previous Relationship

Dean was previously married to Sherri Evason for 25 years before his marriage to Genevieve. The relationship produced three children, highlighting Dean’s position as a caring parent.

Dean Evason

Recent Relationship Rumors

TMZ began spreading reports about Dean Evason’s purported relationship with A-list actress Margot Robbie on February 2, 2023. While the veracity of this allegation is debatable, it certainly adds mystery to Dean’s personal story.


Dean’s path is nothing short of amazing, from establishing himself as the second-winningest coach in Milwaukee Admirals history to his enduring friendship with Genevieve Evason. While his professional accomplishments stand out, his personal background, which includes a past marriage and current dating rumors, gives complexity to his tale. There are several publications and articles available for anyone interested in going further into Dean’s universe.