What Happened to Nathan Heitzmann? Man Facing Homicide Charges Over Death of Girl

In this article, we are going to talk about Nathan Heitzmann. Currently, this name is on the top of social media headlines and gaining a lot of attention from the viewers. According to the sources, Nathan Heitzmann was found guilty of killing a 4-year-old girl. Nathan Heitzmann is facing homicide charges over the death of girl 4. The accused Nathan Heitzmann also found guilty of stealing her memorial cross. Recently, this news has gone viral on the internet and spread like waves. People are showing their interest to know about this news in detail. If you want to know the complete information regarding this go through the page and read the full article. More information is mentioned below.

What Happened to Nathan Heitzmann?

According to the sources, a man whose name is identified as Nathan Heitzmann was found guilty of killing a 4-year-old girl. He is also found accused of stealing her memorial cross. Now, people also want to know the identification of the victim. The victim’s name is identified as Cordelia Kuether. The man is from Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. The Wisconsin man Nathan Heitzmann is facing many charges after committing a crime. As we earlier mentioned Nathan Heitzmann has been charged with the murder of Cordelia Kuether.

What Happened to Nathan Heitzmann?

The 24-year-old Wisconsin man whose name is identified as Nathan Heitzmann faced two counts of felony charges for killing a 4-year-old girl. We will try to give you every single piece of news about this sensitive case. The 4-year-old girl Cordelia Kuether lost her life after being hit by the vehicle of Nathan Heitzmann. As per the sources, in May the accused Nathan Heitzmann tested his vehicle by using a controlled substance. In this process, he killed a 4-year-old girl. After that, the Wisconsin man Nathan Heitzmann was sentenced to 6 years and nine months. Swipe up the page to know more.

Further, Nathan Heitzmann’s vehicle is also suspended for 6 months. As per the court’s reports, the Wisconsin man is facing crime charges including a bail-jumping felony charge. Let’s take a look at the victim and what actually happened to her. According to the sources, on April 12 the 4-year-old girl lost her life in a two-car collision. As we earlier mentioned the girl’s name was Cordelia Kuether. On that day the girl was trying to stop a pet dog. The horrific incident took place at North 21st Street and Saeman Avenue in Sheboygan. In this accident, two other children were injured. Keep following Dekh News for more viral news.