Ultimate Girls Trip’ Butler Sues Bravo Over Alleged Assault

Recently it has been reported that the butler of ‘Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip’ has filed a lawsuit against Bravo over the attack. Yes, you heard it right. As soon as this news came on the internet, it went viral and people were shocked, after which everyone was seen showing interest in knowing about this news. After hearing this news, people have started asking many questions like what decision has the law taken in this case. Are the allegations made true and many more questions. Therefore, let us tell you that we have collected every little information related to this news for you. So, without any delay, let us proceed with the article and know this news in depth.

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According to the information, Butler has become a topic of discussion for people in ‘Ultimate Girls Trip’ Season 2, working at Dorinda Medley’s Blue Stone Manor in Massachusetts. It is being told that he was on tour for the shooting of the ongoing Real Housewives show in 2021. However, Marco recently sued Bravo over alleged molestation and harassment, seeking damages including punitive damages. Marco has revealed with full confidence that the ‘RHUGT’ Season 2 stars were under the influence of heavy amounts of alcohol like shots of bourbon and cocktails.

Ultimate Girls Trip’ Butler Sues Bravo Over Alleged Assault

He said that a woman had come out to perform a striptease for the housemates after which the producers of the show asked him to go and dance with the women. After all this, he revealed the incident in which Phaedra Parks slapped him on the butt during a dance. This matter does not end here but he also revealed one more thing Brandi Glanville came running to him and grabbed his shirt pulled him towards her and tore his shirt also. However, this was too much for Bravo to bear and they fired Brandi Glanville from ‘Real Housewives’ Season 4.

However, the investigation on this matter is still ongoing and the law will soon give its verdict on this accident. After knowing about this incident, Brandi Glanville’s fans are very angry with her because she has done a very disgusting thing with Bravo. So far, only this news has come to light related to this incident, which we have shared with you in this article. If you also want to know more such news, then do not forget to follow us, we will keep bringing such news for you.