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Traveling Tot! Paris Hilton Shows Off Her Baby Boy’s Initial Trip To NYC After Sharing His Fitting ‘First Word’

Coming thru with a lil’ motherhood update, Paris Hilton recently hopped on Instagram to commemorate her son, Phoenix, enjoying New York City for the first time!

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The Proud Momma Posed With Her Son While Visiting Her OG Stomping Ground

Paris Hilton, 42, shared her upload on Thursday (Oct. 19), noting that her “precious angel baby” was having a good time in the Big Apple, which is where his mother was born.

The six-photo post features Hilton looking glam as she shows off her baby boy while chillin’ in a clean, predominately-white room.

While Paris rocked a black bejeweled gown, Phoenix donned a neutral-colored Burberry outfit.

Check out her post below.

Paris Hilton Recounted Phoenix’s “First Word” & Spoke On Telling Kathy Of His Arrival

Paris’ social media upload follows her dishing on her firstborn’s milestones in a recent interview.

During a Tuesday night (Oct. 17) appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Paris shared that her jet-setting newborn is “an amazing traveler.”

However, the 9-month-old is already getting his first taste of jet lag, which caused a bit of a hiccup in their routine!

“He is an amazing traveler, but this is his first time experiencing jet lag. So, he’s been up ’til midnight, 1 a.m.”

Additionally, Paris discussed how her newborn apparently channeled his momma when sharing his “first word.”

“It was ‘yas.’ Yas, wonder who he got that from.”

His supposed usage of the word “yas” isn’t the only thing he picked up from Paris, as she says his favorite song is “Stars Are Blind.” After all, he “has amazing taste in music.”

Finally, referencing her decision not to tell her family about Phoenix until he was “over a week old,” Paris recounted how she surprised her mother, Kathy Hilton, with the news. But first, Paris — who welcomed her son with Carter Reum via a surrogate — acknowledged keeping the development under wraps.

“Nobody knew about Phoenix besides Carter and I. … None of my friends, none of my family, no one knew.”

Justifying her decision by noting that Kathy can’t keep a secret, Paris Hilton recalled the moment she shared the exciting news.

“I came in, and I had Phoenix under a blanket. I said, ‘I have two surprises for you.’ And then first, I gave her a baby blue Chanel bag because, you know, who could be mad after getting Chanel? And then I said, ‘Here’s the second surprise.’ And the blanket came down.”

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