The Trauma Led To My Elder Sister's Demise – Nigerian Man Shares Video Of Suspect Who Allegedly Abducted And Killed His Brother



A Rivers State man, Legborsi Nwiabu has taken to Facebook to share a video of a suspect accused of allegedly abducting and killing his younger brother.


According to Nwiabu, the suspect identified as Henry Barikui Lucky Deeleh, allegedly abducted his brother and buried him alive in May, 2020.


He said the trauma resulted to the death of his elder sister.


“It would be recalled that on Thursday 14th May, 2020 my younger brother was kidnapped and buried alive and found dead behind my house in the village on the 19th May, 2020. This is the ANIMAL called HENRY BARIKUI LUCKY DEELEH that killed my brother that also resulted to the death of my elder sister as a result of the trauma. He was arrested by community youths on a tip off last Monday 16th October, 2023 and now in police custody,”
he wrote in a Facebook post on Friday, October 20.