The Pumpkin Video: TikTok’s Unexpected Meme Sensation Explained

Ahead of the Halloween day, we have a meme of the “Pumpkin Video” going viral on social media and everyone is talking about it. Though pumpkin has a role to play in Halloween. Yet, the meme of the pumpkin video that has now gone viral on the internet isn’t anything connected with Halloween. Then what’s making the meme and video of Pumpkin so viral on the internet?

Read ahead to know more about the viral meme of “Pumpkin Video” making everyone crazy on the internet.

The viral meme of “Pumpkin Video”

Halloween is just around the corner and there are plenty of memes and videos on the same trending on social media. Recently, we found a meme of “Pumpkin Video” going viral on the internet. Although it wasn’t something really connected to the day of Halloween.

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The viral meme actually came from the pumpkin video. The original video has some people talking about their favorite vegetables. In the same, one ends up saying that his favorite is pumpkin. Social media has turned the video into a viral meme as well.

What’s exactly the “Pumpkin Video”?

The original video called the “Pumpkin Video” went viral after several people including some specially-abled ones had to answer about their favorite vegetable. In the video, all goes on to answer, potato, and other vegetables. But one answers the question as “Pumpkin”.

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Social media has found the video to be funny. As many even tried their version of the funny videos on the viral “Pumpkin Video”. Others were in love with the meme on the same. Ahead of Halloween, everyone got something viral about the Pumpkin that’s a key part of Halloween.

Users’ reaction to the viral “Pumpkin Video”

Certainly, the “Pumpkin Video” has made several users react on TikTok and other social media platforms too about it. About the viral meme on the same, a user wrote “I jumpscared my mom and said ‘pumpkin’ just like this”.

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Another user on social media wrote, “POV when the class goes silent in maths”. One even commented saying “I’ve said pumpkin my entire football practice”. Surely, there are many spooky trends to come ahead of the Halloween day too to go insanely viral. As many have already been trending on social media that can really scare you a lot.

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