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The Golden Bachelor star faced serious injury but was no match for the 'other women'

Why did Nancy Hulkower leave The Golden Bachelor? She endured a serious injury on the October 19 episode. However, that’s not the reason she decided to leave the line-up of Gerry Turner’s women.

Nancy became the third person to leave The Bachelor spin-off, The Golden Bachelor. It all began when the pickleball tournament group date ended in a loss and a stress fracture in her leg. Nancy has now revealed why she decided to leave The Golden Bachelor.

Nancy wears black one-shoulder dress while leaning left arm on black unit and smiling at camera.
Credit: ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

Why did Nancy leave The Golden Bachelor?

Nancy left The Golden Bachelor because she felt like Gerry was more passionate with her co-stars than her. She realized that she’d fallen behind in Gerry’s eyes, and he confirmed he felt the same.

“I really am not going to dispute that,” Gerry said. He started to cry, she wished him well, and that was the end. It comes after Nancy had a stress fracture. “It hurts. . . . I’m just hanging in,” she told her co-stars.

“You’re a lot more passionate with other people,” Nancy told him. “I think you’ve, in a way, narrowed it down. But maybe I’m not in that group.” The two then said their goodbyes.

Get to know Nancy Hulkower

Nancy Hulkower from The Golden Bachelor is currently watching the show from her home in Alexandria, Virginia, with her golden doodle, Max. She is a self-described “hopeless romantic”.

A retired interior designer, Nancy loves playing golf, walking her dog, and watching college basketball. The mother of three is loyal, faithful, and funny and is looking for a self-assured, trustworthy man.

“I believe in love stories and even having a great one, I believe I can have another,” Nancy revealed. She loves dancing at weddings, romantic comedies, and is a Bruce Springsteen stan!

Gerry Turner wearing blue blazer holds palm out while speaking to Nancy, wearing white dress, both sat on green sofa.
Credit: ABC/John Fleenor

Fans react to Nancy’s her Bachelor exit

When Nancy made her exit from The Golden Bachelor all of a sudden, fans’ jaws literally dropped. Many took to Twitter to react to the ABC star’s decision to leave.

One fan wrote: “Wow and Nancy tells Gerry that she doesn’t feel like she is in the group of ladies he wants and he feels the same. Nancy exits the show before the rose ceremony. #TheGoldenBachelor.”

Another penned on Twitter after the exit: “I walked to the kitchen and by the time I got back Nancy was leaving??? That happened so fast??? #TheGoldenBachelor.

“My Dad (75) has been cheering for Nancy all along. He’s now very upset Nancy has exited #TheGoldenBachelor. I teased him that […] maybe he can go meet her,” said a fan.


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