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Surviving Paradise star talks tiny food portions and 'freaking out' over 'prank show'

EXCLUSIVE: Netflix’s Surviving Paradise star Shea Foster spoke about food portions, finding out the ‘prank’ was actually real, and sleeping in the “freezing” wilderness. The new survival series was his first reality show, which he described as “nuts.” He also noted that it’s “not what he signed up for.”

If you need your next reality show fix, think Big Brother, Survivor, and Love Island all rolled into one show. That’s the general basis of this 12-person Netflix show, where contestants were led to think they were spending a summer in an ocean villa. But they had to sleep in the wilderness and ‘fight’ for a luxury stay.

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Surviving Paradise’s Shea Foster

Shea Foster is a private jet broker for V2 jets, entrepreneur, and now a reality TV star. He was once told he wasn’t going to be able to run at a high level ever again after having spinal fusion back surgery.

However, he has since become an All-American in cross country. He exclusively told Reality Titbit that he was “completely himself” on the show but thought he was “going to pass out at times.”

When his phone was taken away from him, he had “iPhone syndrome” as he “felt like there was something vibrating in his pocket.” Shea also confirmed the series was filmed longer than a year ago.

Shea talks about tiny food portions

Shea revealed that he and the cast were given food portions to ration, which included one protein and one carbohydrate which they had to cook over the fire. They also had to make the fire themselves!

“A lot of people don’t know how to cook with no ingredients. It made me feel very uncultured cooking with no flavor. People got cranky as they wanted more food,” Surviving Paradise’s Shea told Reality Titbit.

When everyone went to camp in the wilderness, “nobody could poop because they weren’t getting enough nutrients.” They slept among “bugs” in this “unliveable situation.”

Shea revealed he has PTSD over the food they had to eat, which he would “never eat again.” However, being in the villa was a whole other story. “The feast in the villa, you couldn’t even eat it all,” he added.

Surviving Paradise stars lie in black sleeping bags in wildnerness.
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‘I thought it was fake’

When Shea and his co-stars found out that Surviving Paradise isn’t exactly handed to them on a plate, he found it was “fake.” “I thought it was fake, like a prank show,” he told Reality Titbit.

He added: “We’re not going to go all the way to this luxurious location for this, everyone came from all over. Then I realized they were serious, and I thought, ‘This is crazy.’”

Shea touched on how he “didn’t sign up for this” and so he felt “a little distraught.” He had packed all of his nice beachwear clothes, which were taken away, including his jewelry, shoes, glasses, and phone.


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