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Surviving Paradise host knows all about Girl Code as she drops bombshell twist

Netflix’s Surviving Paradise host Jessiemae Peluso arrives at the villa to share the bad news. Unfortunately, the contestants won’t be able to live it up in the oceanside villa as expected. While the stars react, let’s find out about Jessiemae Peluso’s net worth and whether she has a husband.

The new Netflix reality show, Surviving Paradise, is around the corner. Jessiemae hosts while 12 stars live in the wilderness with little portions of food in order and try to access a luxury villa. The prize is $100K…

Jessiemae Peluso wears purple outfit with hair up and black earrings as she looks to left of camera while holding one hand over the other.
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Meet the Surviving Paradise host

The Surviving Paradise host is Jessiemae Peluso. The American stand-up comedian is 41, hosts the Sharp Tongue Podcast, and is known for being a cast member in the first two seasons of MTV‘s Girl Code.

From Syracuse, New York, she was on Girl Code from 2013 to 2015 and later hosted Netflix’s Tattoo Redo in 2021. Jessiemae was also on Dogs in the City in 2012 and Philosophy in 2013.

Of Italian descent, Jessiemae Peluso started her comedy career in the Boston area performing improv comedy with The Tribe and standup comedy at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Jessiemae Peluso’s love life

Jessiemae Peluso does not have a husband or partner. She tends to keep her love life private. After leaving Girl Code, she created an online running gag about her having a “crush” on John Stamos.

Stamos even praised her for it! She recently joked that she “met my soulmate at the bottom of the Spanish Steps” on a recent trip away, capturing a restaurant featuring a waiter with a quote behind.

When talking about whether men can be too pretty on The Adam Carolla Show, Jessiemae joked: “I need a man with a strong beak. I also need your profile to be able to handle strong gusts of wind.”

Netflix host’s net worth

Jessiemae’s net worth is $1 million, as per Wealthy Spy. She has been seen and heard on The Joe Rogan Experience, Andrew Santino’s Whiskey Ginger, Doug Benson’s Getting Doug with High, and more.

She is an advocate for Alzheimer’s Disease, which she lost her father to in 2018. Her “#AlzTipz” series on Instagram offers insights and advice on how to cope with the disease.

It’s no wonder that Jessiemae Peluso’s net worth can afford her a luxurious life as a millionaire as she was successfully named “one of the funniest comics to follow on Twitter” by The Huffington Post!


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