Stop Insults, Attacks – NPP Council of Elders Tells Presidential Aspirants


The National Council of Elders of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has called on all Presidential Aspirants of the Party to ensure a peaceful election on November 4, 2023, by abiding by the guidelines set out by the Party’s Elections Committee.

During separate meetings with the four contestants/teams, the Council urged them to appeal to their supporters to note that they all belong to the Great Elephant Party and that the process of selecting one of the four honourable men to lead the Party in its bid to retain power in 2024 is ongoing. Insults, insinuations, attacks, and fights, before, during, and after the election should be avoided at all costs.

The Council also met with the Party’s Election Committee Chairman, Prof. Mike Oquaye, and his team to inform them about reported cases of unfair treatment meted out to some contestants and urged them to work smoothly with the Electoral Commission and the Police Service to ensure discipline at all the 276 voting centres.

Furthermore, the Council urged ALL delegates to be law-abiding on the Election Day and for the remaining period left for campaigning, asking them to desist from intimidations and hostile confrontations.
The contestants were also prevailed upon to get their supporters to appreciate the fact that the real struggle begins after November 4.

The Council gives its untainted assurance that the election will be free, fair, and transparent to the satisfaction of all and sundry.
The Council also urged all party officials at all levels to not only be seen to be fair but to avoid any utterances that may undermine the integrity of the election.

In a statement, the Ag Chairman, Alhaji Sulemana Yiremea, said, “Patriots, in moments of tension, do remember the sacrifices endured by our forebears in building a future for us. As we share in their glory, let us aim at adding to their gains and not destroy them. God bless Ghana, God bless NPP.”

The Council extends its best wishes to all contestants, and whoever wins on that day will have to work with ALL of us. The Council urges everyone to work towards a peaceful election and a better future for Ghana.

By Vincent Kubi