Shilpa had suggested moving out of the country: Raj Kundra on controversies

In anticipation of the release of his upcoming film ‘UT 69’, entrepreneur-turned-actor Raj Kundra has revealed a significant moment in his life. He disclosed that his wife, Shilpa Shetty, had suggested the idea of relocating abroad while he was incarcerated in Arthur jail. Raj Kundra was arrested in July 2021 in connection with a case involving the creation and distribution of porn. His arrest drew substantial media attention and public scrutiny, carrying legal and societal implications.

During an interview with Indian Express, Kundra shared, “My wife was actually the first person to say, ‘Would you like to live abroad, Raj? You left everything in London, where you were born and raised, to move here because of me. But if you’d prefer, I can arrange for us to leave the country and settle abroad.’ I expressed my love for India and my intention to stay.” Reflecting on his ordeal, Raj conveyed the immense humiliation and damage to his reputation, along with the distressing media focus on his wife, children, and parents.
With ‘UT 69’, Raj Kundra steps into the world of acting, embarking on a cinematic journey that explores his life and the controversies that have surrounded him.