Ram Gets A Huge Cake As It Marks Birthday (Video)


A video has captured a Senegalese man celebrating the birthday of his ram with a cake.

In the viral video, a group of people were spotted singing for the ram who was supposedly a year older while a lit cake bearing the picture of the celebrant was presented.

The owner of the ram was delighted to have its prized animal survive yet another year in good health.

See Video Below;

See how social media users are reacting to the birthday of ram below;

zarahfoodies said: “Very thoughtful friends , let me go and arrange something like this for my friend ????”

onidoko_a wrote: “That’s a champion ram. Owning one is a big deal in that part of the World.”

ayob_ee stated: “This ram big ooo chai you know how much this will cost during Ileya period chai see money oooo ????????????.”

omotgemini opined: “This is a magnificent ram . Not everyone eats their domestic farm animals. Maybe he is for breeding a herd like some prized bulls are used & they have shows ????.”