Quick Teaser Trailer for ‘The G’ Revenge Thriller Starring Dale Dickey

Quick Teaser Trailer for ‘The G’ Revenge Thriller Starring Dale Dickey

by Alex Billington
October 16, 2023
Source: YouTube

The G Teaser Trailer

Time to meet “The G”. An early teaser trailer has debuted for an indie film titled The G, the second feature film made by filmmaker Karl R. Hearne. It was just announced as a world premiere in the main competition at the upcoming 2023 Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) this November. A mysterious older woman seeks revenge on the corrupt legal guardian who destroyed her life, by putting her in a prison-like “eldercare facility” and stealing everything from her. Described as a “winter-noir” based on real events / inspired by the filmmaker’s own family experience. The G is an original portrait of a fierce older woman in the kind of role that a woman is rarely cast in. “A highly atmospheric blend of suspense, dark humour, moving human relationships that confronts age-related issues head on, The G is driven by one astonishing main character, rivetingly portrayed by Dale Dickey.” She last starred in indie charmer A Love Song. Also with Romane Denis, Roc Lafortune, Bruce Ramsay, Jonathan Koensgen. Looks like a good one to keep watch for.

Here’s the first teaser trailer (+ teaser poster) for Karl R. Hearne’s The G, direct from YouTube:

The G Teaser Poster

Ann Hunter (aka “The G” – as played by Dale Dickey) and her husband already retired to an unnamed American suburb 10 years ago to be near his family. But one day out of the blue they are snatched from their home by a corrupt legal guardian who believes they have hidden wealth. Their home and assets are legally stripped from them and they are put in a prison-like “eldercare facility,” victims of an exploding old age industry. Trapped in a corrupt and terrifying system, The G begins to show her true mettle as she and her loyal granddaughter fight to get them out… and get revenge on the people who did this. The G is both written and directed by the Irish-Canadian writer / filmmaker Karl R. Hearne, director of the film Touched previously, plus a few other short films. It’s also produced by Karl R. Hearne. This will premiere at the 2023 Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia this fall. No other premieres or releases are set yet – stay tuned. It’s expected to arrive sometime in early 2024. First impression? Who’s interested in this one?


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