Nigeria’s Wallets Africa launches multi-currency wallet

Nigerian payments startup Wallets Africa has launched Spring, a multi-currency wallet it says will “redefine” the way users manage their finances by providing effortless cashbacks and seamless Ether transactions.

Founded in 2018, Wallets Africa allows people and companies to send and receive money, and make payments, using their phone numbers.

A Y Combinator-alumni, and backed by various investors to the tune of US$1.6 million, the startup has 250,000 people using its consumer wallet in Nigeria, while it also has over 20,000 registered business accounts.

With the launch of Spring, Wallets Africa said it was “taking another monumental step toward democratising financial services”. Spring offers users the ability to seamlessly onboard and get an account number, earn attractive cashbacks on their transactions, and easily perform Ether transactions for various use cases.

“We are thrilled to unveil Spring, which is aligned with our mission of making finance accessible to all. This is another leap forward in our journey,” said John Oke, CEO of Wallets Africa.