Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff Shakes Up Streaming with New Deal Split Between Kick and Twitch

Kick gets a new streamer on its list as streamer NICKMERCS joins the platform with a non-exclusive deal. Giving a tough fight to Twitch, Kick has evolved as one of the best streaming choices for many streamers. In fact, many left Twitch for Kick as well. As of now, we have NICKMERCS to join the platform too.

Find out more about streamer NICKMERCS teaming up with Kick in a special partnership.

NICKMERCS joins Kick with a non-exclusive deal

NICKMERCS, also known as Nick Kolcheff, is a well-liked Twitch streamer with a significant number of followers. While he is also the leader of MFAM, his content has been loved by his fans a lot. Now, his fans have even more reason to be excited because Nick has signed a deal with Kick as well.

It was recently announced that Nick would be in a non-exclusive deal with Kick for about a year. This will allow him to stream both on Twitch as well as on Kick too. In fact, you can have more of his streams on Kick now. The first stream of him on Kick will take place on 23rd October.

NICKMERCS on his non-exclusive deal with Kick

Streamer Nick Kolcheff has himself reacted on his non-exclusive deal with Kick. On his social media, he wrote, “By expanding on Kick.com, I’ll be able to reach new audiences and welcome even more fans into the MFAM. We will compete on big stages, host big events, and share new content in new ways”.

He added, “This is a major move for me, and i can’t wait to share this new experience with the community. It’s all for them”. Joining Kick, Nick also said, “Building a community is everything I’ve ever wanted to do”. Not to miss, Nick isn’t the only streamer to have joined Kick.

Other streamers who joined Kick

While Twitch has its own popularity. In the past few years, steamers of the same have not been fully satisfied with the Terms of Service of the platform. As such many streamers left Twitch for Kick. One of them was Adin Ross too. Ross was permanently banned on Twitch though.

Meanwhile, there have been many streamers on Kick with non-exclusive deal maintaining their streaming on other platforms too. One of them was xQc too. Actually, the deal between him and Kick was reported to be worth $100 million. That’s a really big deal for Kick.

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