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My 600lb Life star who believed she had spine cancer announces third pregnancy

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My 600lb Life season 3’s Betty Jo Elmore fell pregnant during her weight loss program with Dr Now and she is now expecting her third child.

Betty Jo Elmore made her My 600-lb Life debut in 2015’s season 3. At the time, the TLC star weighed almost 700lbs and relied on her husband, Josh, as her primary caregiver.

The journey impacted both her health and marriage as after Betty’s initial 30lb weight drop to qualify for the surgery, Josh felt “useless” as his wife now had improved mobility without his help. Despite their issues, it was later revealed that Betty Jo fell pregnant.

Eight years later, the couple are stronger than ever and have just announced the upcoming arrival of their new bundle of joy.

My 600lb Life’s Betty Jo Elmore announces baby number 3

Since appearing on the TLC show, Betty Jo has continued to update fans about her life. Aside from her astounding 250lb weight loss, her biggest achievements are her two sons, Preston and Oliver.

Fans watched Betty’s first pregnancy unfold on My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now and the Elmore family is about to expand.

On September 18, the mother of two uploaded an ultrasound image of her new baby. The pregnancy announcement comes 16 months after the birth of her youngest child, Ollie.

The sex of the baby is unknown but Betty may be hoping for a girl as she liked a fan comment that read: “Maybe it will be a little girl this time. Congratulations.”

Although congratulatory messages poured in for the expecting mother, some Redditors are mocking a scene from their TLC episode which featured Josh’s outburst about identifying Betty’s alleged cancer with a telescope.

At the time, Betty was suspected she had serious health issues due to a congenital bone abnormality on her spine but Dr Now clarified that it was not cancerous. The couple was shocked to hear the news and Josh stormed out of the office claiming that Betty needed a checkup with a telescope.

The large bone mass complicated her pregnancy with Preston, 7, as it couldn’t be removed until after delivery, turning it into a high-risk case.

Betty Jo is on her way to shed the loose skin

Although her journey with Dr Now concluded years ago, Betty Jo has persevered on her own. In April, Elmore uploaded a selfie updating that she’s just 30lbs away from scheduling surgery for her loose skin. It’s a major transformation as fans saw Betty make minimal progress on the show.

“Good job glad to see you still working at it ’cause on 600lb Life, I was like wow she’s not even trying,” a fan commented.

Betty responded: “Never believe everything you see on TV especially shows like that.”

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