Mother-Son Duo Killed In Road Accident, CCTV Video Footage

The breaking news is coming that a mother and her son lost their lives in a fatal road accident. As per the sources, mother-son due killed in a road accident. As we know road accidents increasing day by day. In this road accident, many people lost their loved ones. Currenlty, the Agra road accident is on the top of the social media headlines and circulating over the web. This news is attracting the attention of the viewers. People are coming on the internet and searching for the identification of the victims who lost their precious life in the fatal road accident. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Mother-Son Duo Killed In Road Accident

According to the sources, in a fatal road accident, a mother and her son lost their lives. People are very curious to know the identification of the victims. The mother-son was killed after being hit by a dumper. The horrific incident took place at GT Road in the Billhaur Kotwalu Police area on Friday. The mother-son was travelling in their car which was hit by a dumper. Now, the question is raised what was the name of the deceased? The moment this news was uploaded on the internet it went viral and left the whole community in shock. Keep following.

Mother-Son Duo Killed In Road Accident

The authority also revealed the identification of the victims. The victims have been identified as Sunita Devi and her son Rohit. Sunita Devi was 5t8 years old at the time of her passing and her son was 35 years old. The deceased mother-son was traveling from Agra to Kanpur in their vehicle. Their vehicle collided with a dumper near Nasirapur village. The police reached imminently on the incident place. The 35-year-old man Rohit was sitting in the driving seat. The police sent mother-son dead body for post-mortem. This news is in the eye of the news channel headlines. Read more in the next section.

Furthermore, the authority has not revealed the identification of the driver of the dumper. As per the police statement, the driver of the dumper escaped from the incident place after the accident. The search for the dumper driver is still ongoing. Moreover, DCP West Vijay Dhull said “They informed about the mother-son accident to their family member”. Overall, this tragedy reminds us about road safety. It is important to follow road traffic rules while going outside. There are not many details shared about the mother-son accident. If we get any other information we will update you soon on the same site.