Man Strangles 28-Year-Old Man Kills Mother After She Refuses To Give Him Money

Good Day Readers, Today miserable news has come stating that a man in Nagpur strangles his mother in a tragic incident that occurred when she declined to purchase a smartphone for him. Stay with this article to find out more about this news. Kamlabai Badwaik, aged 47, passed away on Wednesday, and following the postmortem examination’s determination that the cause of death was strangulation, a murder investigation was initiated, according to the police. A 28-year-old man has been taken into custody in Nagpur for reportedly strangling his mother.

Man Strangles 28-Year-Old Man Kills Mother

This tragic incident unfolded when she refused to provide him with money to purchase a smartphone, as confirmed by a police spokesperson on Friday. The deceased, Kamlabai Badwaik, aged 47, passed away on Wednesday. Following the postmortem examination, which identified strangulation as the cause of death, a murder investigation was launched. The police officer explained, “Her son Deepak received a call informing him that his mother had been rushed to a hospital by his brother Ramnath, and shortly thereafter, she passed away. When he viewed the body, he sensed something was not right. Additionally, her gold ornaments were missing.” Following Deepak’s notification to the police, Ramnath was interrogated due to suspicious circumstances. During questioning, he admitted to using a scarf to strangle his mother because she had declined to provide him with money for a smartphone, as stated by an official from the Hudkeshwar police station.

Man Strangles 28-Year-Old Man Kills Mother

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