Man Dies After Truck Drags Him For 30 Metres, Woman Injured

Good Day Readers, Today a miserable news has come from lucknow stating that a man lost his life after being dragged by a truck for a distance of 30 meters in Lucknow, while a woman sustained injuries in the incident. Stay with this article to find out more about this news. In Lucknow, a man tragically lost his life when his motorcycle collided with a truck, resulting in him being pulled beneath the truck’s rear wheel and leading to his immediate demise. In Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, a man met a tragic end when his motorcycle collided with a truck and he was pulled beneath the truck for a distance of 30 meters before becoming trapped under the vehicle’s rear wheel. A woman who was riding as a pillion passenger suffered injuries in the accident.

Man Dies After Truck Drags

The woman, identified as Kanchanlata, worked as a contract nurse at a local medical college in Lucknow and resided with her husband. The deceased individual, Deepak Patel, originally from Hardoi, was in the midst of preparations for a competitive examination. He was residing with a friend of Kanchanlata, named Ashutosh Patel. While Deepak was en route to the hospital with Kanchanlata, their motorcycle was struck by a fully loaded truck at Buddeshwar Chowk. The impact of the collision caused Kanchanlata to be thrown from the motorcycle, and she landed at a distance from the accident site. Tragically, Deepak was drawn beneath the truck, and the truck’s rear wheel ran over him, resulting in his immediate fatality.

Man Dies After Truck Drags Him For 30 Metres

Kanchanlata sustained a severe leg injury as her leg was crushed under the truck’s wheel, resulting in bone fractures. Bystanders came to her aid, and she was swiftly transported to the hospital for medical attention. Following the accident, the truck driver made an effort to flee the scene. Nonetheless, the residents present at the site foiled his escape and physically assaulted him before eventually turning him over to the police. In 2022, Uttar Pradesh experienced 22,595 fatalities due to road accidents, marking an alarming rise of 1,368 deaths compared to the previous year’s figures.

These statistics were unveiled through the most recent report from the transport department, which was made available to HT. Interestingly, this data has surfaced while the state government is conducting a month-long road safety campaign from January 4 to February 5. The increase in the fatality count contradicts the government’s bold assertions about its efforts to enhance road safety. Alarmingly, Uttar Pradesh has consistently held the unfortunate distinction of having the highest number of road accident-related deaths in the country for several years. This is the case even though states such as Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh have reported higher numbers of road accidents compared to Uttar Pradesh.