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Love is Blind’s Uche branded a ‘narcissist’ and ‘gaslighter’ as history with Lydia unveiled

Love is Blind season 5 star Uche is called a “narcissist” and “gaslighter” after it was alleged that Uche cheated on Lydia. However, Uche claims Lydia stalked him after their break-up. Netflix fans are choosing their side as the history of their former relationship slowly comes out.

While Lydia screamed and said Uche has a “narcissistic personality,” he accused Lydia of keeping close tabs on his friends on Instagram and stalking him after their breakup. So, did Uche cheat on Lydia and did Lydia stalk Uche? So far, it’s the Love is Blind stars’ words against each other.

Uche Okoroha wears blue shirt and looks at Lydia Velez Gonzalez, who leans forward and looks at him angrily, sat next to wooden table.
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Love is Blind’s Uche called a ‘narcissist’

During a heated conversation, Lydia shouted and called Uche a “narcissist.” It happened when Uche showed up at the Netflix show’s cast reunion mixer in Episode 7. Lydia can’t stand to be around Uche.

Uche is convinced Lydia planned for them to be there at the same time. When Aaliyah and Uche broke up, she told Uche that she’d worried he and Lydia planned to be on the show together.

Love Is Blind creator Chris Koelen recently told Variety that the show had no idea about Uche and Lydia’s past, but added that producers forbade the pair from mentioning it to anyone right away.

Did Uche cheat on Lydia?

Lydia claims Love is Blind’s Uche is a “narcissist” and cheated on her. But he says they were never exclusively dating. Uche alleged that she lied about how intense their relationship had been before.

Uche wrote in a Q&A: “Lydia and I were never together.” It comes after he found it difficult to get over a shameful moment from Aaliyah’s past, who admitted she cheated on a partner two years ago.

He added that he and Lydia were still seeing other people. “In the casting process, we were asked to disclose who our most recent relationships were with,” Uche wrote.

Uche, who fans called a “gaslighter,” continued: “If she believed we were in one, she would have disclosed my name or photo and the producers wouldn’t have allowed both of us on the show.”

Did Lydia stalk Uche?

According to Uche, Lydia stalked him by keeping close tabs on his friends’ Instagram pages after they split. He shows her screenshots that he says indicate that she’d been spying on people he followed.

According to Uche, it’s “100% confirmed” that Lydia came on the show after she learned Uche was going to be on it. “More on this later,” he promised his IG followers.

While he said their separation was amicable, he later relayed red flags to Milton and anyone else who would listen. However, Milton and Lydia appear to be the thriving season 5 couple.