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Love Is Blind JP's 'awkward' kissing technique has fans begging him to watch a tutorial

JP and Taylor fell for each other in the Love Is Blind pods, but fans didn’t fall in love with JP’s kissing technique. The couple’s first meeting was filled with smooches, yet his constant pecking didn’t receive a 10 out of 10 from fans.

*Warning: Love Is Blind season 5 spoilers ahead*

Taylor Rue may be enjoying Jared “JP” Pierce’s kisses, but fans certainly aren’t.

The Love Is Blind stars found romance and became engaged in season 5 episode 3 of the Netflix series. Sparks were flying inside the pods and they were finally allowed to kiss each other at the big reveal. However, JP’s kissing style has become such a concern that it has landed its own Reddit post.

Jared Pierce and Taylor Rue kissing in swimming pool in Love Is Blind season 5
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JP’s kissing technique on Love Is Blind is ‘awkwardly aggressive’, says fans

Although Taylor and JP encountered some silence during their pod conversations, the couple proceeded to become engaged. Nothing changed during their first meeting as chatty Taylor was noticeably carrying the conversation while JP responded with short and brief answers.

“There was some silence with JP in the pods, so I was expecting it out there,” Taylor confessed. “But a little bit awkward.”

That wasn’t the only awkward thing: JP’s kisses.

Kindergarten teacher Taylor has had no complaints about her beau’s technique, but fans feel totally uncomfortable watching their makeout sessions.

Firefighter JP loves to shower his fiancee with a string of fast and short pecks on the lips, rather than a slow and sensual approach. His method has frustrated one viewer so much that they called him a “most awkwardly aggressive perpetual-peck-a-thon kisser on Earth.”

It’s even a dealbreaker for another fan, who agreed: “I honestly thought that I was the only one. I’d break up with someone who constantly “pecked” at my lips. It grosses me out.”

Another added: “I just watched that scene and then instantly came to Reddit to see if anyone had been as cringed out as I was. I really hope for their sake, it’s the presence of the cameras making him super awkward.”

One commenter, however, is defending JP against the brutal critics.

“Why is this subreddit turning into a place that sounds like high school mean girls’ lunch table?”

You can watch JP in action in episode 3 at 1:40mins.

Taylor Rue and Jared Pierce lying in bed together in Love Is BLind season 5
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JP brands Taylor as ‘fake’ for her makeup style

Four days after putting a ring on it, there was trouble in paradise for JP and Taylor. After a series of strained conversations, the couple called it quits in Mexico.

Both parties agreed that their connection disappeared outside of the pods, but JP also revealed that his first impression during the reveal was also a factor in their split.

Blonde bombshell Taylor dressed to the nines in full glam – a floor-length dress, glossy lips, and fluttery eyelashes – but they were too much for JP, which he only revealed during their last conversations.

“It felt like you were fake,” the firefighter admitted in episode 6. “You had [a] caked-up face, fake eyelashes. I’m being honest, and I’m sorry that’s so hard to hear.”

JP proceeded to explain that he preferred her without makeup, while Taylor couldn’t understand how the makeup contributed to the continued awkwardness since she didn’t wear any throughout the entire trip.

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