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Love and Hip Hop star warns beau to fix his 'baggage' as rumors threaten their future

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Shay Johnson has been appearing on Love and Hip Hop since 2012. The reality TV star has all eyes on her relationship as this year’s episodes play out. Shay is currently a cast member on Love and Hip Hop Miami and her romance has fans asking who Fabo is on the vh1 show.

From Shay suggesting that Momma Dee wanted her to have a child with her son, Lil Scrappy, to Fabo and Shay’s mother getting into it at a first birthday party, LAHHM has really taken some interesting turns in season 5.

Who is Fabo on Love and Hip Hop?

Love and Hip Hop Miami star Fabian, AKA Fabo, appears on the show as he’s Shay Johnson’s partner.

The two welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Shajiyah, in 2022.

Fabo and Shay had known one another for many years before welcoming Shajiyah.

Speaking to BET, Shay said of Fabo: “He’s someone I’ve been dealing with off and on for over 10 years. It’s not some random individual, it’s not somebody I just met. We’ve had our ups and downs…it’s just that type of relationship. You love to hate him, but you love him.”

Fabo and Shay’s mom

Love and Hip Hop Miami’s Fabo has been involved in some “hectic” scenes on the show.

During he and Shay’s daughter’s First Birthday party, an argument broke out between Fabo and Shay’s mother, Sandra.

The two had a disagreement over Shay’s dog that Sandra had agreed to take care of for a year.

Fabo was dubbed “disrespectful” for the way that he spoke to Shay’s mom.

Shay said that she felt “embarrassed” and “disrespected,” and addressed the issues with her partner in another scene. She said: “Fabo needs to fix this.”

Love and Hip Hop cheating rumors

During Love and Hip Hop Miami season 5 episode 10, rumors were flying around that Fabo was engaged at the time that Shay announced her pregnancy.

Social media rumors circulated that he was “engaged to a woman in Milwaukee.”

Despite coming to terms with the fact that her partner came with “baggage,” Shay added that Fabo’s keeps “lingering.”

Sitting down with Fabo on the vh1 show, Shay said she had “questions.”

However, Fabo argued that the rumors had no substance and that the woman in question “bought her own ring.”

Shabo said in a confessional: “As long as he’s good while he’s with me, right now, moving forward, that’s all I really care about.”


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