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Kim Kardashian's manny is 'gorgeous' as fans applaud her for bringing 'male energy'

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Kim Kardashian’s manny (male nanny) has been hailed “gorgeous” as he made his debut on The Kardashians. Kim confessed to cameras that she initially felt worried about telling Kanye West, her ex-husband, about hiring a male nanny. So, who is Kim’s manny?!

Wanting to bring male energy into her children’s lives, Kim Kardashian introduced her new manny to The Kardashians season 4 episode 4. He traveled with her son, Saint, to London in her private jet. Kanye West has even met the manny and is teaching him how to raise his children.

Credit: The Kardashians/Disney Plus

Who is Kim Kardashian’s manny?

Kim Kardashian’s manny is called Ryan and features in The Kardashians season 4 episode 4. He can be seen in the second slide of her Instagram post from the outing wearing a red jersey and posing.

Ryan is the husband of Kim’s soccer mom friend, Charlotte Adams, who also went on the fun-filled trip to London and Paris. Charlotte is based across London and the United States.

During Kim’s St Patrick’s celebration in the UK, she shared an Instagram Story featuring her manny and her soccer mom friends with the caption: “Soccer moms… and Ryan (Charlotte’s hubby).”

Kim applauded for ‘hiring male energy’

One fan said: “Kim basically hired someone to be the man of the house. Now that’s BIGG BOSS energy! And Kanye basically told him how he wants them raised. I would definitely hire a Manny if I was rich.”

A fellow viewer said on Twitter: “I applaud Kim hiring a manny to introduce male energy to her kids. It makes sense especially if the household is female-led.”

“Kim having manny is understandable. She doesn’t have too many male figures around for the boys #TheKardashians,” wrote another fan. Kim’s decision has only led to positive feedback!

Kanye helps him raise kids

Kim said in a confessional on The Kardashians that she was “scared out of her mind” to tell Kanye she hired a male nanny. However, she relieved fans when she said Ye “has been so nice to him”.

She said: “I do think my household and even my family is very female-dominated. I recently hired a ‘manny.’ I really wanted a male around that was going to be picking him up and taking him to sports.”

The Hulu star later added: “When he was dropping off the kids, Kanye introduced himself, played two-on-two (basketball) with Saint and him, saying, ‘Hey, if you’re going to help raise my son’…

“Because he handed him the ball really easily or something — and he’s like, ‘Don’t do that. Make him go get it himself. These are some of the rules I would want’ and I was like, ‘Oh my god, OK. That’s great.’”


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