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Kim Kardashian Surprises Missouri Woman Who Said A SKIMS Bodysuit Saved Her Life After She Was Shot Four Times (Video)

Kim Kardashian is sending a kind surprise to a Missouri woman who went viral earlier this year after praising Kardashian’s SKIMS bodysuits. As The Shade Room previously reported, the woman credited the bodysuit for saving her life after she was struck multiple times during a shooting on New Year’s Day.

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The Missouri Woman Recounted The Shooting & Her Recovery Process On ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’

According to PEOPLE, Angelina Wiley appeared as a recent guest on ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’ for an episode that premiered Wednesday. During the appearance, the woman explained that she was bringing in the new year at a club with her friends. However, when they decided to leave early in the morning, they had to wait extensively for their Lyft.

During their wait, Wiley and the “group” decided to order food from a nearby truck. However, when she and one of the friends went to later check on their food, the shooting “started.”

Wiley explained to Hudson that she was struck by gunfire on her torso’s left and right sides. Additionally, Wiley said she was also hit in the “middle” of her spine and one of her legs.

“And I still have a bullet in my in me — right in my stomach,” Wiley explained while rubbing the left side of her body. “It’s the one that ruptured my bladder — the full thing [is] just right here.”

The woman explained that her recovery has not been “fun,” and she’s had “a lot of physical therapy.”

“It’s been interesting — going from being a regular 22-year-old girl and then one day you wake up, and it’s like, you can’t use the bathroom, you can’t walk, everything is so different. And it was really overwhelming,” Wiley explained. “Especially because the first few months, I’m still focused on physically recovering. It wasn’t until so many months later that I could even think about recovering my mental.”

Angelina Wiley Shares How The SKIMS Bodysuit Saved Her Life

As the interview continued, Hudson asked Wiley how she believes the SKIMS bodysuit helped save her life. Wiley explained that she thinks she “got a size too small.”

“So not only did it help with compression when I did get shot, but it completely changed where the bullet even landed in me,” Wiley continued. “…because the doctors were saying how… the bullets could have really killed me. People die from getting shot once; I got shot four times.”

Wiley explained that “so much could have gone wrong.” However, the SKIMS bodysuit “played such a huge part” in keeping her “alive.”

“Especially because the ambulance took so long to get to me, and doctors will tell you that the first thing they do is apply pressure, and I already had it on lock,” Wiley said.

Kim Kardashian Surprises Angelina Wiley

Hudson then informed Wiley that she had a special surprise to unveil. The woman was then greeted with a video of Kim Kardashian. Kardashian explained to Wiley that she “loved hearing” her story and is “thinking” of Wiley as she recovers.

Additionally, Kardashian congratulated Wiley for pursuing a career in criminal justice while sharing brief words of advice.

Before concluding the message, Kardashian told Wiley she “sent over” SKIMS products exclusively for her. Wiley was moved to tears and showered with two humongous SKIMS shopping bags filled with items.

Wiley expressed her gratitude to Kim and shared, “It’s nice to see something so beautiful can come out of something so awful.”

Check out the heartwarming moment below!

More Details Regarding Angelina Wiley’s Viral TikTok Recounting The Incident

As The Shade Room previously reported, Wiley went viral after praising the SKIMS bodysuit in a TikTok shared in May. The video has amassed over 1.7 million views as of this article’s publication.

In July, Kim Kardashian reposted Wiley’s viral TikTok on her Instagram Story with a brief caption, per The Shade Room.

“wowww [alongside a prayer hand emoji].”

After the video went viral, Wiley explained that police had confiscated her SKIMS products due to the ongoing investigation. Additionally, a GoFundMe campaign was launched on Wiley’s behalf to help cover medical expenses. The campaign remains ongoing with a goal of $6,500.

As for Kardashian, on October 4, Fortune reported that the 42-year-old mother of four has turned SKIMS “into a $4 billion company” since its launch in September 2019.