Judge Rules Lady Gaga Won’t Pay $500k Reward for Stolen Dogs’ Safe Return

Lady Gaga gets relieved as Los Angeles judge says the singer doesn’t have to pay to the dognapping accomplices reward amounting to $500k. There was a legal battle going on between Jennifer McBride and Lady Gaga over the latter’s stolen dogs and the attack on her dog walker by robbers. As of now, a judge gives a final verdict on the theft case.

Read ahead to know more about Lady Gaga doesn’t have to pay $500k to dognapping accomplices as per the judge’s order.

The attack on Lady Gaga’s dog walker and the stolen dogs

The internet went abuzz when Lady Gaga’s two bulldogs were stolen by robbers when Ryan Fischer, Gaga’s dog walker was shot by one of the robbers. However, the whole story turned different when a lady named Jennifer McBride came with claims to have kept the stolen dogs with her as she found them tied to a pole.

The claims made by McBride were stated by her at the Los Angeles police station. Where she had gone to ask about the reward of $500k offered by Gaga to return her stolen dogs. Though later it was found that McBride was an accomplice of the dognappers.

Lawsuit of Jennifer McBride on Lady Gaga

It was later that McBride filed a lawsuit against Lady Gaga for not paying the reward amount of $500k to return her stolen dogs. The lawsuit alleged Gaga “never intended to honor their unilateral offer to pay the reward money of $500k”.

The lawsuit alleged that McBride was asked questions about her role in finding Gaga’s dog. Despite the deal of “no question asked” for returning the dog. After the investigation though McBride has now been sentenced to probation of two years.

Lady Gaga won’t have to pay McBride $500k as per judge

Finally, in the case of Lady Gaga and Jennifer McBride over non-payment of a reward amounting to $500k, the judge has given the verdict. A Los Angeles judge has ruled that Gaga won’t have to pay McBride $500k as a reward.

The judge even said that the claims of McBride were “legally insufficient in its entirety” along with her “involvement in the theft”. Not to miss, McBride along with five others were arrested for allegedly stealing Gaga’s dogs and attacking the singer’s dog walker in April 2021.

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