Joe Biden’s Interview on Israel Sparks Conspiracy Theories Over Chin Bump and Eye Color

In a recent interview, Joe Biden talked about the Israel-Gaza conflict. However, some people online believe it might have been a body double instead of the real Biden. Biden was recently surrounded to answer questions on the Israel-Hamas war. But the clips and images of Biden from the interview have been going viral. Not for the statement of the president but for his doubtful look.

Read ahead to know more about netizens who think Biden had a body double during a recent interview about the Israel-Hamas war.

Joe Biden’s recent interview on the Israel-Hamas war

The Israel-Hamas conflict has created global tension among the countries. Resulting in heads of the countries coming forward to extend their support for the people suffering in the war. Even the US President, Joe Biden, visited Israel to get a better understanding of the tension in the country.

However, during his return to the US, he gave an interview on the war situation of Israel-Hamas. The clips and images of which have been going viral on social media. But the reason is Biden’s look during the interview. A conspiracy has already surrounded the interview on social media already post.

Netizens believe Joe Biden had his body double during the interview on the Israel-Hamas war

It was while being on Air Force One to get back to the US that Biden had to talk about the Israel-Hamas conflict. The president was surrounded by security and officials during the time and the clips of the same have been going viral. The chin and different eye colors of Biden sparked a conspiracy that he used a body double during the interview.

As per social media users, Biden’s chin appeared to have a bump. This led many people to think that he might have worn a mask that was coming loose. Users were sure that Biden’s eye color was black instead of his actual blue.

Was Biden having a body double during the Israel-Hamas war interview?

Well, surely there’s no proof whatsoever that Biden had a body double during his recent interview about the Israel-Hamas war. Regarding Biden’s different eye color, it might have appeared that way due to the angle of the lights.

Social media has literally been abuzz with the claims that the US president had his body double during his recent interview. Although there’s no such proof for the claims. At the same time, Biden and leaders of other countries have been in the news for their responses to the difficult situation in Israel and the suffering of the people during the war.

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