Jake Paul Fires Back at Cocaine Allegations During Brother’s Boxing Match

Jake Paul has hit back at claims that he did cocaine after Logan Paul’s boxing match. Well, it was some week back that the boxing match of Logan Paul took place. To attend the same, his brother Jake Paul was present too. However, many thought he did cocaine after Logan Paul’s match. But here’s what Jake had to say about it.

Learn more about Jake Paul responding to allegations of using cocaine following the Logan Paul fight.

Claims about Jake Paul doing cocaine after Logan Paul match

It was some week back that Logan Paul had his boxing match. However, fans noticed a strange thing about Logan’s brother Jake Paul in the ring after the former’s match. Netizens claimed that Jake Paul was doing cocaine after the match.

In the viral video of Jake Paul, he is seen standing behind Logan after the match and touching his nose. Many believed Jake was doing cocaine during that time in the ring by sniffing. However, Jake has now reacted to the same.

Jake Paul hits back at claims of him doing cocaine after Logan Paul’s match

While netizens may have accused Jake Paul of doing cocaine after his brother’s match. Jake has shared a YouTube video on the accusations. As he took a hilarious jab at the same in the video on YouTube.

In the recently shared YouTube video of Jake Paul. He is seen surrounded by Coca-Cola cans. Jake then tosses white powder in the air like LeBron James. He then asks his friends if they want Coke. Although, he seriously explains later why he was touching his nose in the ring calling himself a sweaty person.

Jake Paul’s girlfriend Jutta Leerdam comes in support of her boyfriend

Jake Paul explained that he gets a sweaty nose often. He even calls himself as “sweatiest person in the world”. Not just Jake Paul came to defend himself on the accusations of him taking cocaine. But even his girlfriend Jutta Leerdam has come to defend her boyfriend.

Agreeing with how the body of Jake Paul reacts to being sweaty. She urged everyone not to create any fake claims about him. Meanwhile, Jake Paul too has taken the accusations on a lighter note with a hilarious dig at the same in his recent Coca-Cola video.

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