It’s Exercise, Not Plastic Surgery- Stephanie Benson Explains Body Shape


Ghanaian songstress, Stephanie Benson, has unequivocally refuted rumors suggesting that her enviable body shape is the result of plastic surgery.

She emphatically clarified that her fit physique is the product of dedicated exercise, dismissing any claims of surgical enhancements.

During an interview with Okay FM, Mrs. Benson addressed the misconceptions, saying, “People shouldn’t jump to conclusions just because I’m in good shape. They think I’ve had surgery. How could I have done it [plastic surgery]? When someone has had surgery, it’s evident. I have developed muscles and acquired a six-pack through rigorous exercise – not surgery. That’s why I proudly displayed my physique.”

Stephanie Benson went on to shed light on her history of staying active, recalling, “I was crowned Miss Figure in 2001 after giving birth to my five children. I take my workouts seriously, which is why there’s no room for surgery, liposuction, or any other procedures to shape my body. The only change you might notice is my breast size; I used to have a larger bust, but due to breast cancer, it’s different now.”