Internet Rumors Claim ‘Outer Banks’ Star Drew Starkey Is Dead After Car Accident

A claim saying Drew Starkey has died in a car accident has left the fans heartbroken but you must know the reality about the claims. It isn’t the first time such rumors about Drew have gone viral on the internet. But still, it continues to swirl on the internet. So, is Drew Starkey really dead in 2023?

Read ahead to know more about whether Drew Starkey is dead in 2023 as claims of the same go viral.

Claims of Drew Starkey’s death go viral

Social media is full of real and fake claims from users. While there’s no specific way to find out a piece of information is fake. You can still look for other clues to know about their authenticity. Recently, social media went abuzz with claims say ing Drew Starkey died in a car accident.

Coming across the claims, the fans of Starkey were left heartbroken. However, it isn’t the first time the news about his death went viral on social media. As previously a post about Drew was assumed to be claiming of his death. Yet it later was denied by the content creator itself.

Is Drew Starkey really dead in 2023?

Surely, this isn’t the first time when social media has gone abuzz with celebs’ death news. As previously something similar happened with Oprah Winfrey, Tom Holland, Will Smith, Snoop Dogg, and others too. This time however it has been about Drew Starkey.

Luckily, Starkey isn’t dead and he is doing fine. It has just been another death hoax that targeted Drew this time. Hence, fans of Drew can be assured that he is absolutely safe and alive in 2023. Meanwhile, such death hoaxes have been on the rise on the internet.

How to handle fake news or death hoaxes on the internet?

News or posts on the internet don’t come with a tag on them if they are fake or real. As such users often end up believing the claims of the fake post. This is the reason why death hoaxes on the internet have been on the rise. Although, we can still handle them wisely.

If there’s no authentic website reporting a piece of information. Then you must wait to believe the posts. Also, report the same immediately if they turn out to be a fake post. As they may be forwarded by other users on social media creating confusion and fear among everyone.

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