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Grand Designs star’s 'treehouse concept' could see him take advantage of his past

Kevin McCloud is back with some awe-inspiring Grand Designs in 2023. The Channel 4 show kicks off its all-new series in September and sees some unimaginable constructions crafted. Episode 2, airing on October 4 features Danny who wants to build a home on stilts.

Some properties featured on Grand Designs took decades to build, and others cost millions to construct. Danny has a tight budget and a family life to manage as his dream North Lincolnshire abode is brought to life. Though he doesn’t have experience in self-building homes, one of his previous jobs may come in handy for the project.

Danny Fenwick looks at camera wearing white shirt in his home on Grand Designs
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Danny on Grand Designs

Grand Designs star Danny is a father of three who wants to build a house that brings his children closer to nature in the 2023 episode.

Danny is the Deputy Prinicipal for DN College Group, he previously worked at North Lindsey College as an Associate Director, writes FEWeek.

Before his more recent roles, the site adds that Danny previously had a job as a builders’ labourer.

He brings his treehouse concept to life

A snippet of Danny’s Grand Designs episode sees him explaining that he’s gone for a “treehouse concept.”

However, some flaws appear to be picked up along the way as a member of the team says: “There seems to be a serious design error somewhere.”

Danny also has money worries during the build. His initial budget was £300,000 to create the whole home.

He says that he’ll have to employ some “delaying tactics,” in order to get everyone paid.

His kids joke about self-build timescale

Deputy Principal Danny takes on an ambitious project during the show.

Kevin asks Danny’s son about the time frame for the self-build project to which he replies it’ll be finished in: “About 10 years.”

The Channel 4 star wants to create a four-bedroom house in his garden, nestled among the trees.

Danny wants his home to come complete with “bedroom pods on steel stilts on the edge of a fishing pond to help his three children connect to nature.”


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