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Dr Pimple Popper patient sleeps sitting up due to 20-year-old 'smothering' throat lipoma

Dr Pimple Popper has seen and removed some troubling lumps in her time, but patient John has been suffering from a “smothering throat lipoma ” for over 20 years. It’s gotten so big and bad, that he even has to sleep sitting up.

The TLC show has taken a break from our screens for a while as they wrap up the most recent season, so until we’re treated to a new Dr Pimple Popper season, let’s throw it back to season 3 when she removed John’s throat lump.

Dr Pimple Popper looks at John's 'smothering' neck lipoma
Credit: Dr Pimple Popper/TLC Australia YouTube

Dr Pimple Popper patient John has suffered with ‘smothering’ throat lipoma for over 20 years

51-year-old John has a large bump on his neck, which first showed up around 19 years ago, just after he married his wife.

At first, it felt like the size of a golf ball, but now, feels like a squishy tennis ball. He can move it from side to side which he calls “very annoying.”

Due to the huge lump, he’s not even able to sleep in his own bed at night and is forced to sleep on the sofa at a certain angle, with his head up.

He feels like the bump is cutting off his airway, and therefore, even finds himself sleeping sitting up. He’s worried that if it gets any bigger, it may shut his airways off completely when he’s asleep at night.

His mother said he’s “different” since the bump, and is “tired” of being made fun off.

Dr Sandra Lee removes the tough lipoma

Like many of Dr Sandra Lee‘s patients, John has seen many doctors, however has had no luck, and now has a ‘mistrust’ with doctors. He says his visit to Dr Pimple Popper’s office is his last shot.

Upon inspection, Dr Lee suspects he has a large lipoma. However, there are a lot of important vessels in that area, and says you can “threaten someone’s life,” with a little slip.

After a consultation with the radiologist, Sandra says she’s willing to give the removal a try in the “safest way possible.”

She then gets to work, trying to pull out the lipoma from John’s neck, however, it’s not coming out whole. Therefore she has to take it out bit by bit, cutting pieces as she goes along.

As always, despite the struggles, the TLC doc is able to remove most of the lipoma, making John’s neck look as good as new.

Watch Johns’s neck lipoma removal here. Warning, contains scenes some viewers may find uncomfortable to watch.

John is overwhelmed with the ‘unbelievable’ results

Upon seeing the removal, John is overjoyed at how his neck looked, exclaiming he looks “so good.”

He says he’ll now be going to more places and doing more things as a family, and compliments Sandra on what a good job she’s done.

Fans also took to the comments to compliment her, as one penned: “The light in his eye after procedure was so clear. Wonderful results.”

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