Dominion TV Targets Africa’s 700 million Christian Market


DOMINION TV is making strategic moves to tap into the vast Christian market of over 700 million individuals across the African continent, management has revealed.

Through the rollout of compelling contemporary  Christian contents and a research-driven approach, Dominion TV is positioning itself as the gateway to Africa’s 700 million plus Christian population for business locally and internationally.

At an event held in Accra recently, General Manager of Dominion TV, Tracy Malone, emphasized that her outfit aspires to become Africa’s premier Christian lifestyle network, delivering high-quality and compelling content to not only African Christian audiences but to a larger global audience.

According to her, the channel’s new new strategy provides a unique advantage for business owners and advertisers to connect with a broader audience through diverse, compelling content in areas such as fitness, lifestyle, music, dance and sports.

“It’s n exciting initiative. We have started with the study, so we really wanted to take an opportunity to really understand the demographics in terms of how much they [businesses] are spending, what they’re watching, what they’re doing, what they want to see, what their lifestyles are etc. So based on the study done, we’ve created new shows that are going to be launched soon. Thatt’s where you see the cooking show and sports shows, which we weren’t really doing before. Now, we’re putting all of that together so that people don’t just come and watch Papa [Archbishop Duncan-Williams] on Sunday and then go to a different station, but they stay for movies. They come back and they watch sports”, she explained.

She also intimated that Dominion TV aims to capture the attention of children as well with high-quality content immediately after school to steer them away from vices so that in the realm of preaching and teaching, they aspire to be industry leaders.

While acknowledging that there’s still a long journey ahead, Ms. Malone expressed the optimism to collaborate with businesses, sponsors, advertisers, and those seeking to expand their reach in the market to reach the 700 million Christians across Africa.

“There would be uplifting content, empowering content, content that helps people to go to the next level, that really makes people happy. And so that’s the type of content that we want to put on the channel. That’s the type of businesses that we want to represent. And it’s more so about the values, being a good business, giving back to the community, not necessarily just solely Christian-based”, she asserted.

Present at the event were Founder and Vice chairwoman of Dominion TV, Archbishop Duncan-Williams and Lady Rosa Whitaker Duncan-Williams respectively; leading digital technology expert and former inaugural Director of Google West Africa, Dr. Juliete Ehimuan, as the keynote speaker who delivered a presentation on the topic: “The 700 Million Christian Market: Accessing Africa’s Largest Consumer Group.”

BY Nii Adjei Mensahfio