Did Rihanna Curve Drake at the VMAs in 2016? Fans Still Wonder Years Later

Ever since Drake’s album For All The Dogs came out, everyone has been talking about Rihanna and former’s past relationship with her saying she curved him during the 2016 VMAs. Fans are trying to relate the tracks of Drake’s new album with the rapper’s exes and now the 2016 VMAs moment between Rihanna and Drake has been going viral too.

Read ahead to know more about fans talking about whether Drake was curved by Rihanna during the 2016 VMAs.

Drake’s album For All The Dogs’ connection with his exes

If rapper Drake is popular for something among all then it’s mostly for his tracks and his love life. While the rapper may have dated several women in his life. His recently released album For All The Dogs has been going viral. As fans believe it has its connection with the exes of Drake.

Rihanna and Drake have been rumored to be in a relationship years back. As they were dating or seeing each other on and off back then. Fear of Heights track by Drake from his new album was believed to be taking shots at Rihanna for his past relationship with her.

Not just that, Bahamas Promises of the same album was believed by fans to be hinting at Drake’s relationship with Hailey Bieber. But what fans aren’t getting over is Rihanna and Drake’s moment together on stage during the 2016 VMAs.

Drake and Rihanna’s moment together at the 2016 VMAs

Though Drake and Rihanna may have dated on and off from 2009 to 2016. They never publicly confirmed dating each other. The only time fans got to see some chemistry between them was when both attended the 2016 VMAs. Both Drake and Rihanna shared some moments together on the stage too.

However, now old clips and images of the duo from the VMAs have been going viral. As many believe Rihanna curved Drake on stage. Drake was there to present the award to Rihanna when she took to the stage to take her Video Vanguard Award. But as soon as Drake leaned to kiss Rihanna. She moved her head away to get a kiss on her neck instead.

Fans react to 2016 VMA moment of Drake and Rihanna

The old clips of the VMA 2016 moment of Drake and Rihanna have been going viral on social media. Many fans believe Rihanna curved Drake on stage during the awards night. In fact, social media was full of comments from fans too over the clips.

A fan wrote, “In 2016, Rihanna curved Drake’s kiss on a world stage and he has never recovered”. Another one wrote, “Exactly, why else is Drake still hung up on Rihanna nearly a decade after she curved him?”. One even commented saying “Rihanna really curved Drake’s kiss on stage. I know that stung”.

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